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Weekly Threads 101: Making Good Use of /r/gamedev

If you tried posting screenshots, feedback requests or a launch announcement to /r/gamedev, your post may have been taken down with a reques...

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Re-return of the Networking Thread! Post your gamedev-related Twitter

[Link to the previous thread.]( --- Post your ...

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Opinion: Patreon is a much better way of monetizing your game than selling it - both for you and your players.

I often see posts (or sometimes talks, like on GDC) about how lucky you have to be to really sell a good bunch of units of your game on Stea...

55 points, 33 comments

$100M Epic MegaGrants

22 points, 13 comments

Payment processing - what are the best options in 2018 for indie games?

Hi /r/gamedev! Doing a bit of research: What options exists for accepting <$5 payments that are specifically targeted at games (includi...

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What was (is) your biggest problem when working in a team?

Just going to try to share my experience trying to solve unsolvable.

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To think Of when publishing a game

Hi devs, First of all, I don’t know if this is the right sub. If I landed wrong, please point me in the right direction, thanks! I’m...

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How many ads is too many?

I've decided to put ads into my game, because it has otherwise been a failure. It's fun, it's well reviewed by my customers, but I can't sel...

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Custom SFX/soundtrack?

Hey everyone! I’m a lighting technician and sound designer by day (degree in interactive audio) and an indie dev by night. I was hoping t...

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Java library/framework to use for games

Hi, After finishing learning Java I would like to start making games with it. I've been told that games can be made with Java, but after lo...

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Cloud perforce hosting services

Hello, &#x200B; Recently my pc died, with it, all my perforce workspace ( i was planning on using my laptop as depot but always postpo...

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One Year In & Two More to Go

So this is a "early-pre-post-mortem" of my game one year and one day later. I started ItsyRealm on March 23, 2018 ([first commit](https://gi...

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