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Weekly Threads 101: Making Good Use of /r/gamedev

If you tried posting screenshots, feedback requests or a launch announcement to /r/gamedev, your post may have been taken down with a reques...

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Networking Thread! Post your gamedev-related Twitter

Happy New Year, everyone! Post your gamedev-related Twitter account here and use this thread to find new people to add to your personal net...

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Polish student wants to translate games

Hello, my name's Adrian and I live in Poznań, Poland. I'm 19 years old and looking for my future career paths. I thought that translating g...

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Ray Tracing in Games with NVIDIA RTX

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Actor Model or messaged based Game Engine

Hey all, so I've been looking into different methods of multithreading gameplay logic. It seems that the easiest approach is using a job bas...

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Having fun with portals!

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Making a sifi/action/psychological game with body horror elements and real science behind everything (Using UE4.18

Hello to anyone who took time to read this post. I'm just beginning to get a hang of unreal engine 4 and could use some help. whether your ...

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Soundtrack Sunday #247 - New Recordings

Post music and sounds that you've been working on throughout this week (or last (or whenever, really)). Feel free to give as much constructi...

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Source to learn about specifics in game development

Hey everyone! I have been learning unity for a few months now, and I've made a couple of games. Nothing special though. Right now, I'm jus...

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Side Project Advice

Hello y’all! So I’m in college studying Game Design, and I’m putting a team of a couple friends together to develop a game I came up w...

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Question about server vs client

I've been doing a lot of reading and come across a few interesting stories of people altering their game client and sending fake packets bac...

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Acceptable network latency due to processing?

Hey guys, I'm currently working on a Java network library, so to speak. It's more a project for me learning more about networking (game net...

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What are you most proud off?

Whether it's an awesome screenshot or releasing your first game, everybody is proud of something along their game development journey. I'm i...

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Art/Assets concern

Hello, Every time I'm trying to get into the game development, my first concern and the reason that I stop from learning game dev is art, m...

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Youtubers realizing they don't get (as much) free promotion anymore....

Anyone else getting serious schadenfreude as youtubers complain about youtube algorithms not promoting them AS MUCH anymore? When steam di...

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How much stress do you feel regularly?

I just asked a similar question on r/askreddit but I feel like I'll get better replies here. How much stress do you all feel? I'm not workin...

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Making a major pivot on my game, have many questions

Background: my game was a combination of 2d topdown view tactical rpg gameplay for combat (think a mix between dnd and fire emblem) and 2d i...

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Looking to do some mobile game marketing consulting work in exchange for client testimonials - June & July

Hey everyone, I'm launching my website for mobile game marketing and promotions in late-July. I have experience working with mobile game an...

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Info on Kongregate's upcoming storefront Kartridge

If you're not familiar with it, there's some info on their site below. I'm not affiliated with them, just interested.

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What can we learn from rock, paper, scissors?

I posted yesterday for the first [time]( and wa...

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