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Weekly Threads 101: Making Good Use of /r/gamedev

If you tried posting screenshots, feedback requests or a launch announcement to /r/gamedev, your post may have been taken down with a reques...

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Re-return of the Networking Thread! Post your gamedev-related Twitter

[Link to the previous thread.]( --- Post your ...

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Indie studio presenting at E3 - Lessons learned & PostMortem

We’re the developers of Killsquad, which was just shown at E3. We feel we did a reasonably good E3, in all humbleness. So, as a way to con...

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UNITY PSA: Windows Defender slows Unity Builds by up to 50-65%

[]( Too...

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Does this look like a continent?

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It' feature

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First dev job and fear of getting fired

I've started my first dev job right out of college about two months ago. I joined my team as the only person that has experience in javascri...

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Implementing peer to peer networking for a mobile game

I am making a multiplayer game for mobile that is similar to agario using Unity. I want to implement peer to peer networking instead of ser...

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I'm doing something wrong, I dont know what.

Hey, I graduated from my []( computer science in 2014 and got a job. I loved games and knew how to make games so I sta...

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All the orb designs in Vast Void

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To anyone who has worked in QA/Testing, how do annoying game features get through?

Hi all I'm currently playing Valkyria Chronicles on Switch and though I'm enjoying the gameplay, I find everything else about the ga...

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David Jaffe on Game Unions

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Switching graphic artist during development

Hey! So situation is, that an artist I contract the graphic assets from, is damn slow on delivery which could potentially affect the rel...

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Any interest in Min/Recommended Spec Testing for their games?

Hey Everyone, I’ve been thinking about build a min spec PC for doing minimum and recommended PC spec testing for upcoming games I’m work...

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Free LowPoly Animated Tanks

Hey! As always, the packs are posted first on my [twitter]( Hope you like them and use them in any projec...

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Do I need to go to Uni for Game development?

Hey, I'm 20 and trying to get a starting job in the games industry but had nothing but rejection, should i go to uni for 3 years?

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How did the Mario Kart 64 developers accomplish the jumbotron effect in Wario Stadium?

In the level there is a livefeed jumbotron that shows your character as you pass by. I've read elsewhere that mirror images in games used to...

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What game writing tools and techniques do you use?

Hey everyone, my first post because I’m curious about the tools that other game developers and writers use to make their stories. I curre...

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