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Weekly Threads 101: Making Good Use of /r/gamedev

If you tried posting screenshots, feedback requests or a launch announcement to /r/gamedev, your post may have been taken down with a reques...

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Re-return of the Networking Thread! Post your gamedev-related Twitter

[Link to the previous thread.]( --- Post your ...

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What makes grinding great (or awful) ?

Grinding, doing the same thing over and over again in order to make progress. Most of the games include grinding as a core mechanic. Some of...

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Question about voxels

Hey, I have been looking into making a basic terrain manipulation system (similar to Planet Coaster, but much simpler) in Unity, and I ha...

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I start to build villages n roads

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Is this legal

So, I'm wondering if i can put the Danganronpa fan game I'm making on the website for my gaming company and the legality of it.

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Android Studio and Paint 3D for graphics in my App. I need a better Idea.

So I am a very young Android developer. I got the hang of coding about a year ago, and made my first app about 3 months ago. Looking back on...

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To celebrate the Super Blood Wolf Moon tonight I'm launching my first game, Night of the Blood Moon

Hey /r/GameDev The Super Blood Wolf Moon is coming, and the nightmares are being unleashed. After many years of attempts at trying to make ...

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Looking for mutual coding promotion in our projects (library, API, project)

Hello people! Is somebody developing some API (in C # or .NET)? I would like to share with you a pretty good idea that I had had. Simply, wh...

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How do Android game developers typically backup data in case of reinstalls/device switches?

Someone had [linked the Google Play Games Services page to me]( as a solution but as a newbie ...

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Name my Game?

I've always been horrible at coming up with names. For the life of me I cannot come up with a name for my current game. The placeholder is I...

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Loading new scene.

So I have this button called "recruit",right? In the first state I put no actions and a UI CLICK transition the pointed it at the second sta...

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What is really like to be a Game Designer or a Level Designer?

I've been thinking about this for a long time, as it is the most interesting part of videogames development for me, but although I've been r...

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Curious: Where would you even being to implement a complex system like Dungeons & Dragons?

All those rules and conditions and exceptions are mind-boggling, and I can’t even recall a CRPG which really got them all right, but the e...

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How did you learn to program unity?

Lately I've been looking into game deving as a hobby and I am curious as to how you all learned the glorious code of unity c#. Could you dir...

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Switching from UE4 to Unity, What do I Need to Know?

I've decided to switch from Unreal to Unity, as I have found Unreal to be clunky and chronically unstable, and want to give Unity a shot, es...

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