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Daily Discussion Thread & Sub Rules (New to /r/gamedev? Start here) - August 2017

# What is this thread? A place for /r/gamedev redditors to politely discuss random gamedev topics, share what they did for the day, ask a qu...

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Soundtrack Sunday #204 - Retro Feel

Post music and sounds that you've been working on throughout this week (or last (or whenever, really)). Feel free to give as much constructi...

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The Evolution of Trust

488 points, 30 comments

Urho3D 1.7 Released

40 points, 6 comments

Marketing in the early stages of development - how do you do it? Is it the right method?

Reading about marketing, most of the guides, "i wish i knew"'s from other devs and many other sources frequently emphasize starting your mar...

17 points, 9 comments

Top-down perspective sprite work?

Hello all. I'm interested in understanding what sort of work is involved in going from a piece of concept art [like this](https://s-media-ca...

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What things should I be wary of when developing a mobile game?

I'm getting ready to start work on a game for Android for the first time. I thought I would ask what type of things should I keep in mind wh...

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I'm developing a 2D game engine which encourages the use of (subjectively) good pixel art practice. What types of things would you expect of an engine like this?

I personally dislike when games distort pixel art through means such as stretching, bending, rotating, and other distorting transformations....

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Super Dungeon Boy - Day 5

* Almost all the mechanics of the character implemented. All I can do is do something cool with the arrows on the walls and reduce the frict...

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Should I "Soft Launch" my indie game?(+few other questions...)

Hey there! So it's been a long time already, that I'm trying to figure out what should I do with my game. I've started doing some PR actio...

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Script for generating heightmaps from USGS elevation data

I've put together a simple Python3 script which aims to make it easier to convert USGS elevation data into high quality 16-bit heightmaps us...

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Networking Question: What Increases Server Load/Decreases Performance

I'm working with an indie dev team for a game being made in Unreal Engine 4. The game is being designed with performance in mind, so that la...

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Tryst Makes Games! (Game Dev Boss Here to Help) #gamedev

Hey All, I stream while I work so that folks can join and ask questions and help each other. Think of it as a shared virtual work space. M...

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I need your opinion on the theme of my game

Hey, So I'm making an idle game, some mechanics are well developed but I need to set a theme before continuing. I'm hesitating between thr...

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Curious, anyone here in/from Indiana? Just general discussion/curiosity post

Just curious. I've yet to meet another game developer from Indiana. There's literally ~~dozens~~ none of us! If so, where did you begin to ...

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Rooms that will make you dizzy.

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Best tools for each job? (Art-side, character focus, lots of questions)

Hey guys, here's yet another "What's the best tool" thing. But to make it interesting and less "tribal" I want to ask what tools are your f...

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Screenshot Saturday #342 - Loading In Progress

Share your progress since last time in a form of screenshots, animations and videos. Tell us all about your project and make us interested! ...

17 points, 77 comments

Is the pygame library a good place to begin for an absolute beginner?

Hello r/GameDev! I've always wanted to try my hand at video game development and recently, I've been slowly teaching myself python and happe...

16 points, 24 comments

Need Game Design Dissertation Ideas!

I am at a complete loss here. I need a dissertation for 3rd year Compsci + Game Design at uni I have thought about looking into immersion i...

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How to only render scene when needed

Python / BearLibTerminal Hello! I got this loop that loads sprites into specific Unicode codes (that's how BLT puts sprites into memory, i...

3 points, 2 comments

First person camera issues

I am coding a first person camera. I have it set up extremely simply, with a delta mouse vector3 being calculated each frame and then rotati...

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