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There are only 4 rules: 1. **No show-off posts.** - This includes *general feedback*, WIP, screenshots, kickstarters, blogs, memes, "play ...

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Screenshot Saturday #513 - Bold Colors

Share your progress since last time in a form of screenshots, animations and videos. Tell us all about your project and make us interested! ...

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Indies! How much time do you devote to game dev?

A lot of independent devs have day jobs like myself. I myself jump in and out of projects, but my current is becoming a long term serious p...

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Scripting Engine for my Game Engine, where would I start?

By scripting engine, within a game engine, I mean something along the lines of Papyrus in the Creation Kit. Before I get serious about game ...

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Can't build panda3d on Windows!

[shaders]( I want to follow this tutorial but i can't build the demo in Windows wi...

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Vertical slice or keep greyboxing?

Hi gamedev, I've been working on a game for a couple of weeks and have about 10 minutes of slightly buggy gameplay but for the first time in...

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Issue tracker and Project Management for Indies.

Hi All, I've been doing some research for a project and I hope your expertise can help me. As an indie game developer what issue and projec...

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i made a unity tutorial (rigging 2d sprites)

[]( i was wondering if i could get any suggestions

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Best app on Android for Game Animation?

Currently I'm using Ibis Paint X and FlipaClipa, with the latter not really being that great haha

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Is it okay to put thriller elements in casual games?

Hey! So I'm making a pretty niche game where your a backacker canoeing and camping throughout a set of lakes, and the main mechanic being yo...

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What are some techniques I can use to make gun loot drops feel fun and meaningful?

I'm currently building my first "engineless" game via the python "pygame" library, the goal is to make a third person top down shooter rogue...

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Should i learn art as a game developer? And where should i start?

Hi i never thought i could do art for anything and I've recently starting learning game development but ive been attending some workshops fr...

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Marketing Insights on How Genshin Impact Goes Global

Thumbnail for article Marketing Insights on How Genshin Impact Goes Global

In June 2019, Chinese company miHoYo published a promo video for its new game, which sparked heated discussions in the circles on the day of...

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Need help with making a game

l’m trying to make a game that’s essentially just infinite halls with an abundance of monsters, i have tons of ideas written down and i...

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How hard woul it be to design an ARK/Rust type game?

I have an idea for a survival game that I think would be a huge hit but I’m unfamiliar with game dev other than writing Pong in HTML. I co...

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Sharing game safely?

Hi, I want to share my game file with certain group of people. I'll be giving them the game files but is it possible to ensure that the game...

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