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Weekly Threads 101: Making Good Use of /r/gamedev

If you tried posting screenshots, feedback requests or a launch announcement to /r/gamedev, your post may have been taken down with a reques...

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Want to get into gamedev? Read this before posting!

# Where do I start? ## I've never programmed before, where do I start? * [Our Getting Started Guide](/r/gamedev/wiki/getting_started) * [...

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Gamedev company files vague patent for pre-existing noise idea

Found [this]( patent application the other day. I thought it sounded [familiar](https://...

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I tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end... well I can't give up now so I'm just going to bitch and moan to complete strangers on the internets.

Truthfully I think my game is going pretty good, and this has caused me to commit a great deal to this project. I have done nothing but thro...

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Efficient voxel drawing

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Make sure that you are taking care of yourselves physically.

Just a friendly reminder: * Take periodic breaks to stretch, take a walk, close your eyes, etc. Even just getting away from your desk for a...

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How to render a frame in a mobile game (featuring Shadow Fight 3)

Long live and prosper, r/gamedev! It’s Nekki speaking. We’re particularly known for publishing the Shadow Fight series. For those wh...

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AAA Audio Designer with many years experience, taking a break from AAA dev. Willing to give FREE audio direction on your project. NOT SELLING ANYTHING. Just ask me for advice.

Been in AAA since the early 2000s. Been fortunate to work on some of the industry's bigger franchises. Taking a breather from AAA to learn ...

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What to do when you don't know what to do - My experience transitioning from making small games to larger projects

Every large scale, ambitious project ever undertaken by an indie game developer has always started with the Fire. Yes, fire with a capital...

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Why are there so many solo game devs?

If we are all here and like making games, why are we solo? I say "we" because I didn't manage to collaborate with someone either.

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How much time will it take to develop a relatively simple run and gun game on android?

So I'm an aspiring game dev with relative experience in unity, though everything I've made so far is amateur (I'll say I have **moderate ski...

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Resources for learning to code multiplayer games in java

Does anyone know any guides or blogs for learning how to code multiplayer card games in Java? I've been following how to do tic tac toe but...

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Are there any good top down rpg tutorials?

I've found a few, but every time someone's asked this question it's been a year+ ago, and times move fast. One of the pokemon style ones h...

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Feedback Friday #369 - Open Beta

**FEEDBACK FRIDAY #368** Well it's Friday here so lets play each others games, be nice and constructive and have fun! keep up with devs on ...

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Help needed with Unity 2019!

Hi guys, i was working on a mobile game last year with unity 2018. Couple of days ago i resumed the work but i thought to migrate the projec...

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What's all the legal stuff that should be taken care of and when/how should I go about it?

I'm a mostly solo dev who's been making something for a long time now. I say mostly solo as I'm the main person behind the game I'm making,...

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Question about typography in games(and its use in story).

Most story based games rely on text to convey dialogue/exposition. It's kind of sad that most games present the text in a boring way. I abs...

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Devs who make video dev logs, what does your pipeline for the video look like?

I'd like to make a dev log in order to track my progress better, but I don't want to spend a ton of time on it. Do you just start recording ...

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Is there ENet library binding for Java?

Can’t decide between using libGDX and writing custom engine in C++ for 2D top down game. It’s going to have client server based multipla...

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